Typed or Printed Name and Title Telephone Area code number and extension Signature of Authorized Certifying Official Date Report Submitted Previous Edition Usable NSN 7540-01-012-4285 This form was electronically produced by Elite Federal Forms Inc. Standard Form 269 REV 9-99 Prescribed by OMB Circulars A-102 and A-110. FINANCIAL STATUS REPORT Long Form Follow instructions on the back 1. Federal Agency and Organizational Element to Which Report is Submitted 2. Federal Grant or Other...
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Hello welcome to the quality mortgage services youtube channel today is november seventeenth and we're going to discuss the press release it just came out from the FHA regarding the annual financial status report to congress and as you know over the last few years the the the mmm i F has been in question whether the sovereignty of the be able to securitize those loans in the FHA mortgage insurance program so there's referencing to the press release regarding the fun it's referring to the MMI f so here we go the fund gained nearly 6 billion dollars in value over the last year and now stands at 4.8 billion the current capital ratio is forty-one percent improve improvement in the fund is the result of aggressive policy actions that have led to better portfolio performance including the liquid see rates dropping fourteen percent and recovery rates improving by sixteen percent since last year I would also congratulate the the lenders out there who made their own lending templates and assumed risk in order to help improve these statistics not sure if it's all the FHA but just collaborative if you will across the board with the mortgage banking industry by just restricting credit okay so here's a quote by HUD secretary this year report shows that the fundamentals of the fund are strong over the past five years FHA has taken on the number of prudent actions to restore the funds physical health this is positive news in the economy and the millions of American families that count on FHA well that's true a lot of people count on it but i would say that we need to look at how we're going to get the first time home buyer market back up okay when you look at there's been improvement in all these numbers there's also appears to be maybe a decrease in some other areas and getting credit to certain people out there not saying it based on discrimination anything like that just the result of society trends and changes in the way people consider housing or maybe what they value so someone has high education debt and paying high rent then they are probably putting themselves out of the marketplace but that's a whole different discussion later so following the housing crisis FHA took a number of steps including changes in underwriting standards loss mitigation policies recovery strategies and premium levels and basically that's what has resulted in the success today and i would agree yeah i think that they had to kind of reinvent themselves so good work the FHA here's some other information improving the performance of the fund by 21 billion in two years as good news for the housing market says the acting commissioner FHA will continue to focus on meeting its mission of creating responsible access responsible access not reasonable they're responsible access investing in our economy and preserving pathways to the middle class I don't know how you define that but okay so then it goes on to continue we remain dedicated to giving more hard-working responsible families...